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“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” -Robert Frost

We are a husband and wife teaching partnership with over 35 years of combined experience teaching, developing and researching progressive early childhood programs and teacher training.

Whether it is with our own family, teaching preschool and kindergarten  or sharing nature with like-minded professionals or families, we are grateful to be on this journey together and to be able to share.

We feel so fortunate that our passions align with our profession and that we are able to utilize our experience and ongoing research in our daily work.

We believe that every day is a learning journey and strive to make each one represent the best of what we have learned.  We see ourselves as mentors to our young friends, rather than teachers, and are eager to share our “learning workshop” with them.

Peace and Warmth,
Rebecca & Andrew

 Okay, we know that is a silly picture of us.  We don’t look like that all of the time!  We chose this picture because it represents the joyful, engaging relationship that we have with children. Several young friends decided we needed face paint while on a Creek Walk this past summer.  Joy and playfulness.
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